Bilbao, 18-19 January, 2018

The research centers Structures Formelles du Langage (UMR 7023, CNRS/Paris 8) and IKER (UMR 5478, CNRS), and the research groups Bas&Be (FFI2014-51878-P UPV/EHU) and the Bilingual Mind (IT665-13 UPV/EHU) co-organize the workshop 'Unergative predicates: Architecture and Variation', to be held in Bilbao, Basque Country, on January 18-19, 2018.


The goal of the workshop is to gather researchers working currently on unergative verbs and to provide a forum of discussion on recent advances in this field.




organizing committee:

  • Ane Berro (University of Deusto)

  • Ricardo Etxepare (CNRS-IKER UMR 5478)

  • Beatriz Fernández (UPV/EHU)

  • Itziar Laka (UPV/EHU)

  • ​Léa Nash (UMR 7023, CNRS/Paris 8)

Main organizer: Ane Berro​

technical and administrative support:

  • Yolanda Acedo (UPV/EHU)

  • Edurne Petrirena (UPV/EHU)

scientific committee: 

  • Artemis Alexiadou (Humboldt, Univ. of Berlin)

  • Elena Anagnostopoulou (Univ. of Crete)

  • Jonathan Bobaljik (Univ. of Conneticut)

  • Hagit Borer (Queen Mary Univ.)

  • Carlo Cecchetto (SFL, UMR 7023, CNRS/Paris 8)

  • Jessica Coon (McGill Univ.)

  • Bridget Copley (SFL, UMR 7023, CNRS/Paris 8)

  • Hamida Demirdache (Univ. of Nantes)

  • Ricardo Etxepare (CNRS-IKER UMR 5478)

  • Antonio Fábregas (Univ. of Tromsø)

  • Beatriz Fernández (UPV/EHU)

  • Itziar Laka (UPV/EHU)

  • Alec Marantz (New York Univ.)

  • Fabienne Martin (Univ. of Stuttgart)

  • Jaume Mateu (UAB)

  • ​Léa Nash (SFL, UMR 7023, CNRS/Paris 8)

  • Anna Pineda (CNRS-IKER, UMR 5478)

  • Omer Preminger (Univ. of Maryland)

  • Gillian Ramchand (Univ. of Tromsø, CASTL)

  • Isabelle Roy (SFL, UMR 7023, CNRS/Paris 8)

  • Elena Soare (SFL, UMR 7023, CNRS/Paris 8)